The Forces Of Shandoka

Shandoka empowers your personal use of eMotorcycle transportation so your adventures always reign supreme, those every-day chores are more fun, and even the drudgery of commuting emerges as an enjoyable, efficient movement through the landscape. The power of the mountains, of falling water, of the avalanche – harnessed. This is the promise of the electric motorcycle.


Carry your groceries, workday needs, and more…


ROAD Ready

Built for your daily commute, or your greatest adventures…

FUN Ready

Easy, simple controls for everyday travel…

SHANDOKA Compact Electric Motorcycles

The classic fun of a compact motorcycle is back in electric form – and so easy to ride and maintain! Your day will be that much better without the parking challenges. And electric power means virtually zero maintenance downtime, efficient operation, and no more smell of fuel on your clothes.

Shandoka offers a curated collection of thoughtfully designed electric motorcycles chosen to fit and support a hassle-free life without the troubles of re-fueling and maintenance on dirty small engines. Each of our models is selected to make your local journeys more enjoyable and turn mundane trips into daily adventures.

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The first product that we will offer is the VENTURE – a lower speed moped that fits the regulatory status of “motor driven cycle”. Below 30 mph top speed, the DOT does not have the same requirements for lighting on motorcycles as for speeds over 30 mph, and many states do not require any drivers license for this category of electric moped.

Built on a curated collection of thoughtfully designed electric motorcycles chosen to fit and support a hassle free life without the troubles of re-fueling and maintenance on dirty small engines. Each of our models is selected to make your local journeys more enjoyable and turn mundane trips into daily adventures. Wanna know more? Get the newsletter on our MailChimp Signup

Shandoka will embark on scooter-sharing demonstration projects in our hometown of Charlotte, NC- one of Forbes’ Top 10 US cities for startups – when we introduce our trend-setting ride share system to the community during Summer 2020.



The Modular Electric Motorcycle

When you’re looking to turn your adventures into epic stories, our modular motorcycle designs will give you plenty of phenomenal moments, the kind you only get from an immersive backroad experience on a silent machine. We will employ local craftsman and skilled assemblers to produce the finest all-US built electric motorcycle you can buy.

The full-power model of the Shandoka electric motorcycle lineup compares with gas-burning motorcycles with the same added convenience of home-charging and ready-use status — no idling to warm up, no tailpipe emissions ever. The patent-pending system will be available for retrofit conversions to offer reliable, bolt-on modifications to a wide range of existing petrol-powered motorcycles. Then, our new frames for modular electric motorcycle ecosystem will be available as a platform to continue building your ultimate electric motorcycle.

About Shandoka

We are builders and riders, dedicated to offering electric motorcycles for every rider in the new mobility paradigm, fluctuating at the speed of imagination, becoming virtually transparent to the journey.

Our Mission

To build the ultimate modular platform for electric motorcycle design, and make transportation freedom available to riders through a worldwide community of motorcycle enthusiasts.

Who We Are…

Enthusiasts, tuners, shop owners and newbies. Welders, designers, and travel-free dreamers. Custom builders and highway riders. Back to the road and new to the road, always looking for adventure…

Shandoka History…

The Modular Electric Motorcycle started as a sketch in the summer of 2010, and distilled for a decade of refinement. The idea for smaller mopeds was the result of people wanting a nimble, easy-to-ride electric that was more than a bike but not a big motorcycle.

Why Join Us…

You know it’s a natural, to adopt Electric drive, and it’s gonna make life more fun. No-Hassle transportation is a freedom of its own, and you know it’s time to take part! Be a Shandoka Member today.

The Modular System
With 3 primary build options and complete power customization, you can set up the exact machine you want to ride. Our optional WeatherMaker(TM) sound module will turn heads your way, and hand-carved upholstered wood saddles seal the deal.
Designed for Upgrades
Battery Tech keeps improving - and so should your motorcycle. With the Shandoka system, you can always upgrade your juicer to the latest innovations. Ultra-capacitors, solid-state batteries, and even fuel-cell systems are on the way. Will you be ready?
Compact E-Motorcycles
Great for the neighborhood or a trip across town: so much fun to ride. When stand-up scooters won’t get you there, these sweet rides can carry two!
Near-zero Maintenance
Electric Drive systems don’t need oil changes or tuneups, or even a fill-up! There’s no “bad gas” when you don’t need any at all. Turn it on, twist and GO!
Easy to Operate and Charge
No gears to shift or clutch to pull, perfect for your first ride! Select models have removable battery packs for easy charging in your office or apartment. Perfect for solar!
Ready to Work and Play
For recreation or business, electric mobility is ready to go when you are. Cargo options for ski, surf, and groceries let our trikes replace car trips for many of your errands - and the bonus is an unstoppable grin.

The technologies that underlie the electric motorcycles you see today are all advancing at a rapid pace. Intrinsically you can tell that the next round of bikes will be significantly better than what you see now — so why not invest in a motorcycle platform that can grow and advance the same direction as motor designs and energy storage technologies? That’s why we’ve created the Modular Electric Motorcycle – so you’ll never be left in the dustbin of innovation.


We are looking for our first buyer-members, with a reserve offering of 7 custom motorcycles. If you want an electric Street Fighter, Cafe Racer, Rat Rod, Cruiser, Scrambler, or Commuter Special — we’ve got a custom bike for you. Join the search for “Member Number Zero” and you could be the next Electric Custom story we tell. Consider a deposit to start your custom build.


Digital drawings affix the root of the design, but the details get dirty when you try to fit everything in the real world. Modification Solutions require hands and eyes working together to manage the complexities presented. Such is the stage called Prototyping, and that’s where you’ve joined the Shandoka community.