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The Forces Of Shandoka

Shandoka empowers personal use of eMotorcycle transportation so your adventures always reign supreme, those every-day chores are more fun, and even the drudgery of commuting emerges as an enjoyable, efficient movement through the landscape. The power of the mountains, of falling water, of the avalanche - harnessed. This is the promise of the electric motorcycle.

TOP Class Performance

COMPACT E-Motorcycles

The classic fun of a compact motorcycle is back in electric form - and so easy to ride and maintain! Your day will be that much better without the parking challenges. And electric power means virtually zero maintenance downtime, efficient operation, and no more smell of fuel on your clothes.

MODULAR Motorcycle System

The US-patent-pending modular motorcycle system easily converts many gasoline motorcycles to electric power with a customized style that is all you. Our components let your machine grow as technology advances. Keep your edge honed, and your steel strong.

Building Your Brand

Coming Soon...

SHANDOKA Compact Electric Motorcycles

Shandoka offers a curated collection of thoughtfully designed electric motorcycles chosen to fit and support a hassle-free life without the troubles of re-fueling and maintenance on dirty small engines. Each of our models is selected to make your local journeys more enjoyable and turn mundane trips into daily adventures.

The Modular System
With 3 primary build options and complete power customization, you can set up the exact machine you want to ride. Our optional WeatherMaker(TM) sound module will turn heads your way, and hand-carved upholstered wood saddles seal the deal.
Designed for Upgrades
Battery Tech keeps improving - and so should your motorcycle. With the Shandoka system, you can always upgrade your juicer to the latest innovations. Ultra-capacitors, solid-state batteries, and even fuel-cell systems are on the way. Will you be ready?
Compact E-Motorcycles
Great for the neighborhood or a trip across town: so much fun to ride. When stand-up scooters won’t get you there, these sweet rides can carry two!
Near-zero Maintenance
Electric Drive systems don’t need oil changes or tuneups, or even a fill-up! There’s no “bad gas” when you don’t need any at all. Turn it on, twist and GO!
Easy to Operate and Charge
No gears to shift or clutch to pull, perfect for your first ride! Select models have removable battery packs for easy charging in your office or apartment. Perfect for solar!
Ready to Work and Play
For recreation or business, electric mobility is ready to go when you are. Cargo options for ski, surf, and groceries let our trikes replace car trips for many of your errands - and the bonus is an unstoppable grin.
  • Kyle Chandler
    I really love to ride my motorcycle. When I want to just get away and be by myself and clear my head, that's what I do.
    Kyle ChandlerActor
  • Zac Brown
    I try to get away and take my motorcycle on a ride whenever I can. I'll take my bike out before the show and just cruise.
    Zac BrownMusician
  • Laurence Fishburne
    On a motorcycle, you can't really think about more than where you are. There's a freedom that comes with that - from stress, worry, sweating the small stuff.
    Laurence FishburneActor
  • Barbara Schoichet
    Motorcycling is like life. There's nothing solid about it. Not even the asphalt under your tires. Time on a motorcycle is unlike time spent anywhere else. There are moments lost in the landscape, seconds devoted solely to balance, and long stretches spent spiraling inward.
    Barbara SchoichetAuthor
  • Antoine Predock
    The connection to place, to the land, the wind, the sun, stars, the moon... it sounds romantic, but it's true - the visceral experience of motion, of moving through time on some amazing machine - a few cars touch on it, but not too many compared to motorcycles. I always felt that any motorcycle journey was special.
    Antoine PredockAmerican Architect
  • Dan Aykroyd
    You do not need a therapist if you own a motorcycle, any kind of motorcycle!
    Dan AykroydActor

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