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About Shandoka

Shandoka is a Ute Indian word meaning The Storm Gatherer, for a mountain in southwestern Colorado around which storm clouds gather before a rain or snowfall. We saw the innovation gathering around electric power and knew the day would come when electric-powered vehicles would outperform traditional gas-powered vehicles. That day is here and Shandoka is ready with the Modular Electric Motorcycle. It's built on a design platform that will grow and advance right along with motor designs and energy storage technologies. So you'll never be left in the dustbin of innovation.


Clean Air, Clean living… No trips to the gas pump and almost zero maintenance. When you can hear the world around you, it makes the ride that much sweeter!


From a simple plug in the wall to the most advanced Fast-DC Charging tech, we have options to fit the way you want to ride.


Out of the depths of a motorcycle junkyard to the most advanced Electric Vehicle production lines, we get you ready for the future of personal transportation with the newest tech available.


Saving the Planet doesn’t have to be boring – upcycle your favorite motorcycle with Shandoka’s patent-pending electric conversion system and build a screaming beast with zero point emissions.


Your daily range is a balance of charging time vs ride time. Let us help you build the machine that keeps up with your riding style – knowing it is forever upgradable.

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