Pure Power. No Limits.

Jaws of Life, on motorcycles. Replace a pump truck with motorcycles.

Our EMS Solutions extend the reach of rescue personnel to deliver tools, communication, and life support in the most challenging emergency situations without exposure to toxic fumes or ignition sources.

Pure Power. No Limits.

The constrained movement of large EMS/Fire vehicles can delay the on-scene time by 8 to 10 minutes, even as digital services have reduced 911 dispatch under 2 minutes.

Communication is key to every operation, and the worst disaster response challenges result from limited or damaged coms and lack of real-time data about the situation.

Pure Power. No Limits.

Clean and reliable on-site energy supply for today’s power-hungry connected rescue tools.

Equipped with our structural multi-packs for the rescue challenges of dense urban living.

Pure Power. No Limits.

Why should we integrate Shandoka: EMS motorcycle systems with existing rescue methods?

- Today’s dense built environment requires compact, mobile tools.
- Electrified Motorcycles offer design freedom.
- Battery-Electric systems are safer in hazardous situations.

Pure Power. No Limits.

We offer Civil Service trim and power options for honor guard, funeral escort, private security, health-care transport, and rapid courier fleets.

Hand-Built on traditional Service-Duty Soft Tail geometries for proven ergonomics and handling.


Pure Power. No Limits.

⁃Jaws of Life on motorcycles

⁃PLC unit = Power, Light, and Communications anywhere

⁃Medic / EMS unit with onboard power for rescue devices

⁃Medic Specialist unit with chilled medicines compartments

⁃Fire tools / search and rescue unit

⁃FIRE FIGHTER PUMP Multi-cycle combo to water the structure


Made in Mars Hill, North Carolina, USA


No More Leasing Losses

Shandoka's approach to build durable, long-life solutions makes it possible for the fleet to escape leasing losses and invest with depreciaciable equipment.


Proven on the Dyno, and the Street

It's one thing to put together an electric motorcycle, but an entirely different thing to have it stay together.

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