More than a quiet ride...

Over 5 Years


Gallons of Gas Saved


Dollars Saved


Pounds Less CO2

Old is not Obsolete

Our patent-pending system gives Shandoka the unique ability to easily convert existing motorcycles from gasoline to battery electric drive. Now your parts bike can run the roads just like your favorite gas machine – but ready for the future.

Personalized power choices

Are you running 45 minutes sprints with the Crew after work and want that fast punch from the stoplight? Or is an efficient commute your main reason for going electric? Our conversion systems and the Gen2 modules both let you build the power options you want without the burnt petroleum and dripping oil.

Distance is Always an Option

You don’t need to be limited by one-size-fits-all mentality. The Shandoka modular battery system means you can have a nimble commuting bike during the week and a long-range cruiser for the weekend. Or use your long-range custom pack every day of the week (just be sure to tag your jealous friends in the pictures!)