More than a quiet ride...

Over 5 Years


Gallons of Gas Saved


Dollars Saved


Pounds Less CO2

Just the Basics

All of our city trikes have at least 40 mile range at 30 mph, and every model has an extended range optional battery. Some models have removable batteries for instant power swaps. But if you need a lot of travel, you’ll want to get an onboard charging system.

Charging vs Riding

Public charging networks are expanding all the time, and your daily range is a balance of Charge Time against Riding Time. The modular battery choices on our larger electric motorcycles allow you to balance those choice not just when you build the machine, but with auxiliary power packs for those extra-mile rides.

Ready for the Future

Batteries are the fastest components to improve over time – and the one major part of your motorcycle that will eventually need replaced. The Shandoka system has the future in its DNA, so you can always upgrade the power supply to the newest chemistries and power options.