Venture L


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This is a PRE-PRODUCTION product, and there will be updates and changes in the design for DOT compliance and improved handling.

We’ve equipped this awesome compact electric motorcycle with all the features to make your journey the best day ever. The Venture has all the benefits you expect from an electric motor-scooter, with unique details that really set it apart. Available for pre-order in several configurations, there’s one that’s just right for you.

The world-original tilting trike design is more comfortable to ride than a two-wheeler and more useful for moving your stuff, too. The Venture L is ready to go up to 30 mph as regulated by your local laws. In some states and municipalities, you’ll need a scooter endorsement on your license or a “moped” or “scooter” license tag. Each battery can take you up to 60 miles – with two batteries on board you can go all day without concern for power.

The Venture EX is capable of top speeds over 45 mph and the dual-battery configuration gives you up to 100 miles of range. But when you do want to drop the throttle on a curvy country road the extra current delivered from a pair of matched batteries will have you laughing out louder than your drive motor! You will need a motorcycle license plate and insurance to ride our full-speed electric trikes.

Both models include standard GPS location and bluetooth audio system to stream your favorite music as you ride. Upgrade to on-board charging for longer day-range and choose from an expanding set of accessories for cargo, surf & ski, hot and cold food delivery, and more!

The Patented tilting trike design provides greater stability – especially at low speeds. A convenient three-speed selector with reverse makes navigating close quarters a breeze with total control to get in – and out – of any parking spot.

Sporting two drive wheels, the Venture is safer when you find sand or small gravel in the road and gives you the confidence to enjoy personal mobility without compromising the experience. You can still lean into the turns for a comfortable and fun ride. Take all the supplies you need for day-long adventures, and easily carry over 125 pounds on the cargo rack.

The Venture can climb a surprisingly steep grade, even when loaded. With the help of our Beta-Testers, we are improving and refining the experience to deliver the WORLD’S BEST ELECTRIC CARGO MOPED this summer of 2021.

And while we STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you get a motorcycle endorsement on your drivers license for your best safety, in 33 US States a driver only needs a regular DMV License to operate a motorcycle with 3 wheels.