Custom-XS400 Design\Build


The Yamaha XS400 provides the basis for our most affordable Retro-Fit Electric Motorcycle adapter system. Find out how affordable your perfect motorcycle can be on our design-build page today!

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Yamaha XS400 and SECA motorcycles represent another creative frame design from the long-time Japanese favorite. The SECA sport bike had a 6-speed transmission versus the typical 5 speed in the cruiser-style XS. The XS can also be found in some parts of the world as 250cc variant. For every one that is on the road, you can count on 2 more parts bikes that have been scavenged to keep others running. That’s where the golden spot for a Shandoka Electric Motorcycle conversion is to be found…

We encourage you to search out your own barn find or quality parts bike so you can have a “How I found it” story about your Shandoka electric motorcycle. The best choice for a donor machine is a Yamaha SECA or Yamaha XS400 from 1981 to 1984 the cycles had a DOHC air cooled, suspended engine design which is particularly simple to convert with our customizable retro-fit system.

It is possible to convert any of the XS400 motorcycles with a cut-and-flange method, so the older XS400 machines make a great hard-tail setup.

This lightweight and compact design is particularly well-suited to café racers and bobbers but also a nice scrambler style mod. You can always find a starter frame withing a few hours drive from home. Or, choose one of our in-stock machines.

Shandoka’s retrofit adapter modernizes a wide range of performance characteristics onto the same motorcycle. We prove that Old is NOT Obsolete!