Custom Electric Chopper

Design your custom electric chopper and let Shandoka create a powerful work of industrial art for you to ride .. tank optional!

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Shandoka builds the most comfortable, always ready to ride Chopper motorcycle of any custom builder. We know you’ll love it.

Ask any chopper rider what they don’t like, and it usually boils down to maintenance and road vibration. With our all-electric drive system coupled to standard hydraulic and control cable methods of operation, you’ll never have a mechanical you can’t fix from local shops.

Get started today on the perfect storm – a custom chopper and the Shandoka electric power drive. Pictured is the start of our first available project, the Big Blue Chopper, but we can start with any frame you choose.

No tank needed… Follow the build on instagram here —

Current specs for 100mph top speed, cruise speed 75-80mph. Fast Charge public station interface is standard. Range based on battery selection and rider weight/operation habits. Upgrade to super-capacitors for stoplight fun and longer battery life!

Paint and Trim

Custom, Elite

Power Level

Standard 80 Volt
Elite 144 Volt

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