The first product that we will offer is the VENTURE – a lower speed moped that fits the regulatory status of “motor driven cycle”. Below 30 mph top speed, the DOT does not have the same requirements for lighting on motorcycles as for speeds over 30 mph, and many states do not require any drivers license for this category of electric moped.

Built on a curated collection of thoughtfully designed electric motorcycles chosen to fit and support a hassle free life without the troubles of re-fueling and maintenance on dirty small engines. Each of our models is selected to make your local journeys more enjoyable and turn mundane trips into daily adventures. Wanna know more? Get the newsletter on our MailChimp Signup

Shandoka will embark on scooter-sharing demonstration projects in our hometown of Charlotte, NC- one of Forbes’ Top 10 US cities for startups – when we introduce our trend-setting ride share system to the community during Summer 2020.