More than a quiet ride...

Over 5 Years


Gallons of Gas Saved


Dollars Saved


Pounds Less CO2

Upcycling your Motorcycle

A simple conversion process keeps the rolling frame of an old bike from rotting away in a field – or cluttering up your garage. And the reclaimable parts from old engines go to our high-school Trades, Art and STEM programs to teach welding to a new generation of American craftspeople.

Clean Air is good for Everyone

You already know why it's important to stop polluting the air we breathe. Shandoka’s electric motorcycles makes it easy to eliminate emissions from your daily travels. We offer smart designs, simple & upgradable systems, with a quality standard and level of support you need.

Full-use of Manufactured Value

The LIFE-ZEN-ESSENCE of a motorcycle is the ability to take various parts and combine them on a different machine to keep it all going – and to do that with style and creativity. Our conversion systems let you integrate the Re-purposed and Second-Life components from a decade of Electric Vehicle adoption in a safe way – and have years of use before final reprocessing.