About Our Virago Conversion Kit

Yamaha Virago was first built in 1981 as a 750cc V twin competitor to Harley Davidson. It had a unique mono shock rear triangle design until 1983 – and those are probably the most sought after for custom rides almost 40 years later. Combined with an enclosed shaft drive these first renditions of the Virago have the cleanest stripped-down lines of any motorcycle on the road.

In 1984 the Virago took on a more standard dual-shock rear suspension but retained the enclosed shaft drive and suspended engine layout. This combo makes these machines so perfect for a mid-mount electric motorcycle conversion. With an original range of engine sizes from 500cc to 1100cc, there is a version of the Virago for every size and shape of rider – so it could be one of the most universal-fit motorcycle model lines ever developed.

Although otherwise very well designed, many first-generation Virago’s suffered from the “Box of Rocks” failure of the electric starter, which had a tendency to come loose in the housing and spin without fully cranking the engine or otherwise tear itself apart and make the motorcycle almost impossible to start. When you look for a Virago to convert, use that bad starter issue to get a deal - then come to us and delete the engine for a baddass Volt-Rider.

We are excited to offer the Shandoka Virago conversion system. You can find your own donor chassis or choose one of our rolling stocks. Either way, you're gonna have one of the best looking electric motorcycles at the show.

The Base Cost of the Virago conversion does not reflect the cost of your design choices - our price covers the mechanicals. The different models of the Virago line will naturally have different final build concepts and different costs. Shandoka’s retrofit adapter makes it possible to build a wide range of performance characteristics onto the same motorcycle. The bigger your budget, the more we can do.

We have everything from a Virago 535 to a Virago 1100 and even have a monoshock Virago 750 in the stock. Pick yours today, and let's get started on your new ride.

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