About Raptor

We’ve equipped this awesome compact electric motorcycle with all the features to make your journey the best day ever. The Raptor has everything you expect from an electric motor-scooter, with unique details that really set it apart. Available for pre-order for Late Summer 2021 delivery in the USA.

The world-original tilting trike design is applied to a sport-tuned compact motorcycle chassis that’s perfect for carving the asphalt on those county roads past the edge of City Sprawl.

The Raptor is capable of top speeds over 60 mph and the custom tuned battery configuration gives you over 100 miles of range if you don’t crush the acceleration… But when you do want to drop the throttle on a lonely stretch of tarmac the twin drive motors and extra rubber on the road brings a boost of adrenaline on every tightening-hairpin loop you encounter.

You will need a motorcycle license plate and insurance to ride our full-speed electric trikes.

The Raptor includes standard GPS location and bluetooth audio system to stream your favorite music as you ride. Upgrade to on-board charging for extended daily range.

The Patented tilting trike design provides greater stability – especially at low speeds. A convenient three-speed selector with reverse makes navigating close quarters a breeze with total control to get in – and out – of any parking spot. All-Around Anti-lock Brake System keeps you in control in those emergency situations.

Sporting two drive wheels, the Raptor is safer when you find sand or small gravel in the road. The patented Tilting Trike gives you the confidence to enjoy personal mobility without compromising the experience. You can still lean into the turns for a comfortable and fun ride, with a passenger safely riding the second position — you might not see their smile in the mirror but you’ll definitely hear them hollar for joy on the ride!

The Raptor can climb a surprisingly steep grade, even with two people. With the help of our Beta-Testers, we are improving and refining the experience to deliver the WORLD’S BEST ELECTRIC SPORT TRIKE this summer of 2021.

And while we STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you get a motorcycle endorsement on your drivers license for your best safety, in 33 US States a driver only needs a regular DMV License to operate a motorcycle with 3 wheels.



MPH Top Speed


LBS Max Load


Miles on one charge



LENGTH 81 in.
WIDTH 28.5 in.
HEIGHT 46 in.
WHEELBASE 56.3 in.



Motor(s) 2 x 2500 watt in wheel hub



Top Speed 67 MPH
Range 110 miles
Grade Climb 35%
Max Load 550 lbs



Front Tire 130/60-13
Rear Tires 120/70-12



Battery Type 72V 100 AH Lithium Battery
Battery Voltage 72 volts
Battery Amps 2x 100 amp controller

Ready to Ride?