More than a quiet ride...

Over 5 Years


Gallons of Gas Saved


Dollars Saved


Pounds Less CO2

Charge at Home

All of our trikes and motorcycles charge from any wall outlet with included external charger. Some models have removable battery options for people without convenient parked charging. You can add an on-board charger and at-home charger connections, for faster recharge.

Fast Charge vs Cost

The Modular Design for batteries on our large motorcycles means YOU choose the best-use balance of battery range, charging speed, and power levels to build a machine that fits your needs right now – you can even start with the basics and upgrade components over time.

Public Charge Stations

All of our electric motorcycles have options for on-board charging from standard public charging locations. Some designs have interchangeable batteries for instant power refills. We even have a fast DC charge option so the gassers aren’t waiting for you top off.