Affiliate Opportunities

Private Motorbike Fleets

Add a private fleet for your corporate campus or medical complex for faster travel between buildings. Attract more renters to your apartment complex, or adults to your active lifestyle community with the convenience of personal mobility when and where it's needed. Shandoka low-maintenance vehicles are available in three-wheel motortrikes and two-wheel motorbikes, and both are available with passenger and cargo-carrying options and on-board accesory power.

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Shandoka Marketing Affiliates

If your followers are passionate about urban mobility, want to slow global warming, or just love the feel of a clean and quiet ride, you may want to join our affiliate marketing program. The first step is to get to know our products. Contact us (Insert link to Affiliate Contact page) to tell us how you can help your audience make a smarter decision than they could alone, and to arrange your personal Shandoka introduction.

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Become a Beta Tester

Shandoka beta testers ride a motortrike or motorbike for a period time and provide detailed feedback on lifestyle uses as well as on ride quality and ergonomics. Your recommendations help us design the next generation of Shandoka cycles. Tell us about yourself and why you want to be a beta tester.

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