We are builders and riders, dedicated to offering electric motorcycles for every rider, creating at the speed of imagination, becoming one with the journey.

Our Mission

To put a Dent in the Universe, one electric motorcycle at a time.

Who We Are…

Enthusiasts, tuners, shop owners and newbies. Welders, designers, and travel-free dreamers. Custom builders and highway riders. Back to the road and new to the road, always looking for adventure in whatever comes our way.

The Shandoka™ name…

The name of Shandoka is inspired by several timeless references. At first, Shandoka is a legendary word from the Ute First Peoples - the name for a local mountain that means "The Storm Gatherer". Also, "Shan" is a langugae spoken by a group of people in southeast Asia, and "Doka" is a language spoken on the plains in Nigeria. There are also instances of the word found in Sanskrit.

Why Join Us…

Got an old bike that no longer runs? Shandoka modular conversion designs let you transform your old full-size open road and street cruiser ICE cycles into sleek modern machines. We have modular and upgradable power options to fit your riding style and environment.

About Shandoka Cycles

Shandoka's patent-pending adapters make it safe to retrofit a gas-powered motorcycle into an easy-to-maintain, environmentally friendly electric motorcycle. And, our modular designs mean your bike will always be ready for changes in battery power, recharging, and even in power sources as technology advances.

Designed for Upgrades

Battery Tech keeps improving - and so should your motorcycle. With the Shandoka system, you can always upgrade your juicer to the latest innovations: Ultra-capacitors, solid-state batteries, and liquid-cooled systems can be integrated on any build. Be ready for the future with Shandoka.

Easy to Operate and Charge

With no gears to shift or clutch to pull, Shandoka motorcycles are easy to learn to ride. Removable battery packs on some models mean easy charging in your office, dorm, or home.

Customized, RetroFit Power

Get away from gas - and out of your car! Switch to clean tech with our globally patent-pending electric custom motorcycles.

Start with one of our three primary build options, and then set up the exact machine you want to ride. Our optional WeatherMaker™ electro-mechanical sound module will turn heads your way, and hand-carved upholstered wood saddles seal the deal.

Ernest Eich

Founder and Inventor

Eagle Scout and Futurist

Mike Del Pietro

Data Analyst

Numeric Translator

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Marketing Vice President

Connections and Change

Jordan Renfro

Director of Design

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