Electric Retrofit Ninja 250


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You can have an electric version of the best street-bike ever sold, the Ninja 250.

The Kawasaki Ninja 250 might be the most widely sold motorcycle in history. With a small displacement, high-power engine and comfortable yet sporty riding position it has been popular around the world for over 30 years.

The tight design of the engine space tends toward an in-wheel hub motor for converting the Ninja 250 for most riders. Naturally, this is a great choice for many riding styles as well as the original sport bike design. The original fairings can be attached to our Ninja Retrofit adapter with a few modifications, or just ride it clean and bare to really turn some heads.

Shandoka’s  adapter system makes it possible to build a wide range of performance characteristics onto the same motorcycle. Components can be upgraded to build a more powerful motorcycle over time… The bigger your budget, the more we can do. But with Shandoka you don’t have to build it all up front.

(star)The Base Cost of the Ninja 250 conversion does not include your personal design choices.